Advanced Game Development Projects

CSC482: Advanced Game Development Projects

This course will provide an focused exploration of the technologies and activities involved in the development of a stand-alone computer game. Topics focus on the game production pipeline and the management of a term-long, cross-disciplinary, team-based game project.  Additional topics may include advanced character behavior control, procedural content generation, large scale multi-player game design and infrastructure, serious games for education as well as training and other applications. Course principles will be applied in a team-based semester-long project built on top of a commercial game engine. Student activities in the course will reflect the game production pipeline, including project pitches, definition of requirements and design detail. Classes will be a mix of lecture format, student presentations and working group meetings. Speakers from the North Carolina games industry also participate in the class by providing lectures, reviews of game ideas, etc.  See the schedule for relevant structure and dates.

Because the computer science department offers specialized courses on 3D graphics and graphic engine technology, this class deals primarily with the development of gameplay using the 3D gaming engine provided by UDK, a commercial game engine. Programming for the course will involve using UnrealScript, the Java- like scripting language supported by Unreal. Students will form small teams early in the semester, pitch a game idea to the instructor and to the class, then spend the rest of the time in the course working on the development of the game itself. The final for the course will be the presentation of a working version of your game at an evening Game Development Showcase open to the public.

The course is taught by Dr. R. Michael Young.

The tentative course syllabus for Spring 2012 can be found here.

Course time and location: Course is taught during the Spring 2012 semester on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:35 to 10:25 in EB2 1228.

Michael’s office hours for Spring 2012 are Thursdays from 10AM to 10:50AM in EB2 Room 2258 or by appointment.

TA: Mr. Charles Bevan

Mr. Bevan’s office hours for Spring 2012 are Fridays in the class lab section and by appointment.