2013 Game Dev Showcase

CSC482 Students Present the 2013 NC State Game Development Showcase

CSC482 students presented the 2013 Game Development Showcase on the evening of Friday, April 26th in the Hunt Library Auditorium on NC State’s Centennial Campus.  The annual event, now in its ninth year, was free and open to the public.  The Showcase highlighted games built by teams of Computer Science and Industrial Design students in their joint courses on the game development process.

About the Games:

This year, students worked in six distinct teams, each building a game that the team conceived, pitched and built over the course of the 16-week Spring semester. The games range in genres from platformers to first-person puzzle games to real-time strategy games and are built using either Epic Games’ Unreal Development Kit (UDK) or Unity 3D’s Unity 4.0 game engines. Computer Science students worked to develop software that drives the dynamics of the games, while Design students built the 2D and 3D art, object and character models and animations that compose the game’s content. Both disciplines contribute to the design of the gameplay and overall feel of the game. All of the games have content that would be roughly appropriate for an ESRB “E10” or “T” rating.
Links to the Games
  • Propoganda
  • Silence
Posters and Brochures:
  • Printable copy of the Showcase brochure [file; pdf, 45MB]
  • Printable copy of the Showcase poster [file; pdf, 60MB]
Photos of the Showcase
Photos of the Showcase are available on the flickr with hash tag #ncsugamedevshowcase2013.
About Game Development at NC State:
NC State is a leader in the area of computer games research and education. Ranked in the top 15 game development programs in the U.S and Canada by The Princeton Review in 2013, we offer courses in both the College of Design and Department of Computer Science that prepare our graduates for careers in the games industry. We work closely with leaders from the North Carolina games industry to design our curriculum so that our graduates have depth in their respective fields and are skilled in the techniques and methods needed to make games. Our faculty have over $15 million dollars in active funding supporting research in games technologies for applications that include entertainment, training, education and collaboration. We’re very busy here creating the future of games. For more information, click here.
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The ePartners Program provides the framework for the global business community and the NC State Computer Science Department to develop and nurture strong collaborative relationships as they work toward goals of mutual interest. Its primary focus is to foster ongoing communication and interaction between students, faculty and our corporate partners to help shape the department’s future. For more information, click here.
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Contact R. Michael Young, professor of Computer Science or Tim Buie, associate professor of Industrial Design.