CSC 281 – Foundations of Interactive Game Design

Study the theory and process of designing computer games!

New!  As of Fall 2012, this course fulfills a NCSU General Education Program (GEP) Interdisciplinary Perspectives requirement.  It also fulfils the CSC Games Concentration other elective requirement as well as a CSC general BS in Computer Science other elective requirement.

This course focuses on the design of the user experience in computer games — from their rules and simulated worlds to their stories and social experiences.  Students in the course will study the design of significant existing commercial games (Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Minecraft and many others) for both PC and console. Readings will include work by influential game designers and game studies theorists. Lectures are designed to invite student discussion. The course will teach the use of an introductory game development environment called Game Maker, targeted at non-programmers.  The course will also provide a place to discuss design ideas, game analysis concepts, and related subjects. No programming experience is necessary and the class is designed to be accessible to students from all colleges and disciplines.

The course is taught by Dr. R. Michael Young.

The course syllabus for Fall 2013 can be found here.

Course time and location: Course is taught during the Fall 2013 semester on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:10AM to 10:00AM  in Daniels Hall room 434.

Michael’s office hours for Fall 2013 are Mondays from 11AM to 11:50AM in EB2 Room 2258 or by appointment.

TAs:  Justus Robertson and Robert Loftin

The TA’s office hours for Fall 2013 are:

Justus: Tuesdays, 9AM in EB2 Room 2246

Robert: Fridays, 2PM in EB2 Room 2246

You can also contact the TA via email to make an appointment outside of these times as necessary.