Michael’s Stuff

Estragon: Didi.

Vladimir: Yes.

Estragon: I can’t go on like this.

Vladimir: That’s what you think.

Estragon: If we parted? That might be better for us.

Vladimir: We’ll hang ourselves tomorrow. (Pause). Unless Godot comes.

Estragon: And if he comes?

Vladimir: We’ll be saved.

Estragon: Well, shall we go?

Vladimir: Pull on your trousers.

Estragon: What?

Vladimir: Pull on your trousers.

Estragon: You want me to pull off my trousers?

Vladimir: Pull ON your trousers.

Estragon: (Realizing his trousers are down). True. He pulls up his trousers.

Vladimir: Well, shall we go?

Estragon: Yes, let’s go.

They do not move.