Related Groups

There are a number of research groups around campus, elsewhere in North Carolina and around that world that are working on key problems related to interactive narrative.  Here are some of them,


  • At NC State University
    • The NC State Digital Games Research Center
    • The Intellimedia group
    • The Mobile Games Laboratory
    • The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
  • In North Carolina and the Southeast US
    • Michael Youngblood’s work at UNC Charlotte
    • Tiffany Barnes’ work at UNC Charlotte
    • Mark Riedl’s lab at Georgia Tech
  • Nationally and around the world
    • Stephen Ware’s lab at The University of New Orleans
    • Arnav Jhala’s lab at UC Santa Cruz
    • Michael Mateas’ lab at UC Santa Cruz
    • Ian Horswill’s work at Northwestern University
    • USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies
    • Marc Cavazza’s work at the University of Teesside